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So Our House of Chaos has been going along at its normal clip. Marching band has officially started up again (but does it ever really stop, I think not). Older Son started working at his first job (kitchen staff at the camp!) a couple of weeks ago. Younger Son is there this week for sailing camp. So the house is quiet other than the menagerie of animals.

But the thing is I seriously am being haunted by my bro and I wish I could figure out what he’s trying to tell me. Had a dream we were having lunch together, but my mind must have been scared because I got hung up on condiments in the dream, and then realized I was missing time to see Bro, realized it was a dream while in the dream, and woke up.

Heard “Landslide” in the hoagie shop with Younger Son yesterday. Burst into a giant ugly cry. Yes, people noticed. Younger Son was super, cleaned everything up so I could ugly cry my way quickly out the door. Haven’t heard that song on a radio station in over a year.

And then he’s just so in my head and I can’t get him out of it. Still in a bout with the dagnabbit vertigo. Not sleeping well, not eating well.

Just want to have a good night’s sleep. Hoping the mental dump to you, my five or so Gentle Readers, will help.

Debated putting this under “My Lunch with”…but went with Musings….

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Quiet House

It’s an eerily quiet house.  The boys are at camp.  I am sure they are having a blast.  I am sure they miss us a little bit, but maybe not as much as we miss them.  While they are away, Hubby and I get to have a date night or two.  Plus we’re working on some house projects.  The boys picked out a swing-set and we are working to have it assembled before we pick them up on Saturday.  It’s cool-looks sort of like a light house and has a rock wall, slide, and little stools at a counter for snacks.

Plus there’s gardening (read weeding), cleaning, purging toys, and hanging the bloody border in our bedroom.

Tonight the fireworks started in the neighborhood and Rex has been scared since.  This is his least favorite week of the year.  Poor little guy.  He was outside with me as I checked the level of the ground (for the swing-set) and he let me brush him.  Once he stopped trying to run away from the brush, he discovered he liked it.  Hopefully, he’ll let me brush him again in a few days.  Poor little scaredy dog.

The kittens are huge, by the way.  Well, Loki is still petite, but Cujo and TJ are HUGE!  Big appetites for all three of them, not sure where Loki puts all the food.  I suppose it’s the same as where the boys put all the food they eat.

They love the food at camp.  Waffles, pancakes, eggs, bacon, and sausage at breakfast.  Wide variety for dinner, plus some camp classics like hot dogs, hamburgers, and of course…the snackery.

Tonight, the kittens are sleeping downstairs.  The boys took their fans to camp and their rooms became really stuffy.  The cats like “hunting” the beardies, so they can’t be upstairs when the doors are open.  Then I have to barricade the doors slightly so Rex doesn’t commandeer any of the boys belongings as his own!

Quiet house.  Eerily quiet house.



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Younger son went to camp today.  I forgot to pack his flashlight, no biggie.  They use a buddy system when walking to the bathroom cabin anyway.  But then I noticed he never put his sneakers on before we left.  He only had sandals, which are not allowed.  The counselor said they might be okay, maybe, since they weren’t open-toed and had a strap around the back, but he would have to wear socks with them.  As I would not doom my son to walking around wearing sandals with black socks (he only wears black socks), older son and I ran to the big W to buy a pair of sneakers.  We also picked up a flashlight.  Older son, knowing I was in an emotional mood (leaving my baby at camp!), cunningly asked for a Skylander and is buying it upgrades even as I type.

I love this camp.  It’s awesome.  The boys love this camp-even more awesome.  And in ten days they will go there together for a week.  A whole week.  🙂

But I will miss them.  And I thank God daily that I only have to miss them for a short while.

Hugs to the ones who know I’m sending them hugs today.  Your strength has been, is still, and will always be an inspiration.

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Hello gentle readers!  If you are still out there!  Sorry for neglecting the virtual world but have been busily involved in the real world.  I have given myself a boo-boo in the upper right quadrant of my back so this will be a short hello.

We took  the boys to see Jurassic Park on Friday.  It was just as good as it was on opening night 20 years ago.  They brought some of their JP dinosaur toys.  The theater had new seats and they were so comfy-recliners for everyone!  I want them for my living room.  The boys were simply in awe.  The 3D has come such a long way compared to the cardboard glasses with the blue and red plastic pieces of junk that I saw Jaws 3D with so many years ago.  That had been the last one I had seen…partly because of how crappy it was!

Then at home we watched Lost World.  And Ultimate Dinosaur Collection.  It was a very dinosaur-filled weekend.

The boys go back to school tomorrow.  There is great sadness in the house tonight.  But I reminded them that the end of spring break means summer break is just round the corner!  I can’t wait for summer.  Hopefully we’ll take some lovely day trips and go to the lake on Fridays.  Just a calm summer-which will end with the boys at camp…together…for a week!  They’re each going twice this summer but one of the weeks is together.  I can’t even imagine this house without them in it.  What will Hubby and I do?

Well, back to Wallander.  And more ice on my shoulder.

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Younger son loved camp.  The only problem he faced was that he was not a “good singer and dancer”.  Thus he sat out of some of the activities.  He loved everything about the camp.  His counselor, the bunk beds, the friends he made, the crafts, the food!  He said the pancakes even rivaled Daddy’s pancakes.

He brought his blanket and two special stuffed animals, but he had me quickly hide them under his sleeping bag.  My guess is they didn’t have to stay there for long.

I know it was only four days. I know there were only two actual days that I didn’t see him, but he looks older.  The confidence and independence my sons have gained at camp is a wonderful thing.  Younger son is handling himself with more control and is managing older son more easily.  There is more patience in my son’s soul.

I am so proud of younger son for going to camp with an open heart and mind and really giving it a try.  He fell in love with the camp, just as older son has, and we are very blessed to have this wonderful camp to send our sons to for learning.

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Younger son went to camp on Wednesday night.  We left him at camp around 7:45 that evening and he was crying.  Older son and I were crying too.  Yesterday was tolerable.  I only got misty-eyed a few times, but held it together pretty well.  Today was a different story.

Last  night I cuddled a pair of his footed pajamas.  I didn’t sleep well.  I woke up every few hours.  I didn’t really have bad dreams or anything, just kept waking up.  Didn’t sleep soundly.

This morning I cried a lot.  Couldn’t get myself to stop.  I kept myself busy and tried not to think about it on my way home from the lovely half-day Friday.  Filled my afternoon with busy work.  It was good because it was purposeful work.  But I was still thinking about him.

Tonight I put in Sweeney Todd and figured that would fill the evening but it was only 10:30 when it was over.  I can’t bear this.  If I go to sleep this early I know I won’t sleep well.  I wish it were already Saturday morning.

I know it’s only two days of not seeing him, and I know others in the world have had to deal with far more dire circumstances.  Still it hurts my heart to know my baby isn’t in our home.  Tomorrow morning.  Only an hour and a half away.  Then I’ll see my baby.  Still, it’s only 10:52…

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