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And so there is a snow storm around. Supposed to be a good ol’ fashioned nor’easter by tomorrow. I hate driving in snow, but sitting at home and binging tv or playing games or reading a book are great. I’ll be making potato soup tomorrow, and that will be yummy on a snowy day. The boys are virtual tomorrow anyway, as is my work, so no snow day. But still a quiet day in a sense. The world is quieter with snow falling.

I’ll read “One for the Road” by Uncle Stevie tonight. It’s tradition during a snow storm. Get myself all creeped out and then fall asleep. The sound of the plows may interrupt my slumber at some point, but I’ll drift back easily enough. I drove in the snow earlier, of which I am dreadfully fearful. So adrenaline went up and I am exhausted.

But the outside looks pretty, the cats have a fun “movie” to watch through the windows, and maybe the dog will let me take him out. He’s scared of walking in the snow. Only while it’s falling (and “attacking” him). When it’s done falling, he loves romping through it.

Enjoy the quiet this evening.

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And today is my official spring break. Now I realize not everyone’s job has a spring break so perhaps I shouldn’t complain. But I work at a private institution, so our calendar is set to our own standards. And yes, I get the whole week or so at Christmas till New Year’s (officially called Winter Break). But we do often have weekend and evening work as regular parts of the job.

But I am rambling. The point today is that it is my spring break and it’s freakin’ snowing.


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Oh bloody hell…just wrote a post about my dog and it got lost as it got published.  I’ll try it again.

The weather was very Scottish today…a good day to think of Brigadoon.   He’s not 100 years old, he’s in his mid-60s in people years.  He has diabetes, thyroid issues, arthritis, his one eye is sinking in a wee bit, he has growths in various spots, and one large fat growth on his shoulder that makes him look like Quasimodo.  He ain’t heavy, he’s my doggy.

Okay, he is heavy.  He weighs in at 100 pounds (he lost ten pounds over three years).  He is such a good dog.  He was already four when our first son was born and he adapted to the boys wonderfully.  They played with him, cuddled him, colored him with permanent red marker…

The boys aren’t as comfortable with Brigs nowadays.  The one growth on his head is a wee but nasty (we lovingly call it his “second brain”).  When Brigs and I got home from the vet’s office, the boys asked if the vet was going to remove it.  We sat down and had a good, but complicated, conversation.  I explained that Daddy and I decided not to have the growths removed.  Brigs might not wake up from the anesthesia.  The anesthesia would certainly throw off his insulin for a couple of weeks.  He could have hypoglycemic episodes again or slip into a diabetic coma.  He could also have accidents…I remind you this is not a small dog…they would not be small accidents!

We spoke about each of us spending some time with Brigs each day.  He hasn’t been upstairs for a year, so he can’t come to us when he wants the company.  We have to go to him.  I told them if each of us spend a little time each day, we’ll cover the hour he’s awake easily.  I explained that they can pet him all they want because they can’t catch the growths from him.  I also told them not to pet the growths so they won’t irritate them (this was not an issue since there was no way they would ever touch them, but we were covering all the bases).  Tonight was easy because Brigs was totally spent from going to the vet.  Yep, I actually checked he was breathing-he’s that tired.

The thing I’m most concerned about is a big snowstorm.  He just doesn’t have that Gene-Kelly-spring-in-his-step anymore.  I suppose we’ll be shoveling the yard in addition to the sidewalks this winter.  We do so love this dog.

Brigadoon, Brigadoon,
Blooming under sable skies.
Brigadoon, Brigadoon,
There my heart forever lies.
Let the world grow cold around us,
Let the heavens cry above!
Brigadoon, Brigadoon,
In thy valley, there’ll be love!

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I am so thankful for my 12-year-old diabetic dog.  He has the call of nature a lot and this evening, as I muttered under my breath because he was barking after 10pm, I shoved my feet in my snow boots simply because they were the easiest to put on my feet.  Turns out I chose the proper footwear because Brigs, while needing the outdoors for nature’s call, also sensed the first snow had arrived.

Brigs has loved the snow since he was a puppy.  As a lab, one would expect him to love water, but he never has.  But snow…snow…Brigs loves snow.  And tonight we shared the first snow of 2012.  I will love the memory of him walking around tonight, face up to the sky, as the snowflakes fell on his big old body.  Happy first snow, puppy.

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late December back in 63…oh, wait, it’s only late October. Then why is there a snowstorm raging on my birthday? I’m used to the crisp autumn weather on my birthday. The scent of wood burning stoves filling the air, the sound of leaves crunching under your feet, and the glow of jack-o’-lanterns lighting front porches. It’s odd watching scary movies and then looking out the window and seeing snow swirling around the sky.

Ah, birthdays. I’ve always liked my birthday. Always had Halloween themed birthday parties. It’s always festive and everywhere is decorated making for a fun time to get a little older. I don’t mind getting older. As one of my students once told me, I’m not old, I’m cultured. So I’m a bit more cultured today.

Actually, what made me feel a bit more cultured lately is watching the ever-developing relationship of my sons. They were in trouble a week ago or so and as I was talking to them (I’m sure sounding like a grown-up from Charlie Brown), I noticed they were holding hands. A little show of solidarity against the parental figure. Then last night they announced they finally feel like brothers. They said they used to feel 1/4 like brothers, then 1/2, then 1/2 and 1/4 (which I explained was 3/4), but tonight they were full brothers. I can’t say I understand it at all, but they have gotten along beautifully the past couple of days so I’m not questioning it. They did things when I asked them to the first time I asked them. They are using their manners, sharing things without being asked to, and generally being the sweetest boys I’ve ever met.

We played Doodle Dice today and went to a Harvest (Halloween) party at church. We had an awesome day. The full-fledged brothers are enjoying life quite nicely.

As much as I say I don’t understand it, I think I might. They are growing up. They are closer to each other than they each were with me, individually. They used to turn to Mom for stuff, now it makes more sense to turn to brother. They have common memories and experiences that have brought them closer. They have come to realize they share more in common, they know what each other is feeling. They know what each other is going through. I am so happy they are full-fledged brothers. This is a bond I hope they share their entire lives.

My job is clear. Support them, love them, encourage them. All the things I’ve been doing to the best of my ability. And give them their own space and time together. Let them have their secrets, their private conversations, their shared dreams. And enjoy hearing them giggle in bed as they fall asleep.

Greatest birthday gift ever.

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