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On Sunday, after we got home from church, I told the boys they would be helping me around the house. I gave them options to choose from, like sweeping the floor, dusting, helping me in the laundry room. Nope…what they fought over was who gets to clean the toilet. I feared they would get to fisticuffs! Younger son claimed cleaning the entire bathroom and we avoided injury. Older son reluctantly took dusting and sweeping the rest of the upstairs. This left me free to work on the laundry room and reclaim parts of the family room for me.

The kittens now have their “rest room” in one location. Since they are huge six month old kittens, we don’t have to dedicate a room to their potty needs. I then moved their food to the top of a cabinet. They can work their need to jump on EVERYTHING and the dog can’t reach it. Another project I have to do soon is repair where the kittens tore the curtain rod out of the wall. That’s one way to get me to change the curtains.

In a very real sense, I have brought my work home with me. I am accomplishing all this fabulous housework by breaking the work in to small manageable tasks and completing all of it using the “tolerable ten”. Anyone can stand to do anything, even moving a litter box, for ten minutes.


(Note the baseball hat for size reference. Cujo is one big six month old kitten!)

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Our home is full of furry and not-so-furry creatures.  Rex joined us in June and he’s a  fantastic dog.  Three little kittens joined us in December and they are too adorable for words.  Then for Christmas, each son received a bearded dragon kit from Santa and the next day each son picked out his beardie.  Obviously this means there are crickets in the house as well.  Solid and steadfast through all of these changes has been Shemp, the 13 year old matriarch cat.

IMG_8041Rex got a new bed from Santa for Christmas.  He likes to rest his head on it as he adores pillows.  The bed was lovingly chosen by Santa to perfectly coordinate with our bedroom.  It doesn’t spend much time there because…





IMG_7988Shemp has decided she likes Rex’s bed and prefers it in the living room.






And the kittens…
TJ is the orange one, Cujo is the fluffy one on the right, and Loki, little fur ball of mischief, is toward the bottom of this photo just about winking at you.


Photos of the beardies will come soon enough.  At the moment, they are asleep with their night-light bulbs shining a purple glow on their habitats.

These little creatures do fill one’s heart with love.  Even the reptiles.

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El Tigre


El Tigre, the elusive dining room table meerkat, is extinct. 
He’s hunting bunnies up above now. 
We will miss you, Tiger.

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Wonderful vacation with my family.  Fossils, food, fun, freedom from reality.

Home to an angry cat.  El Tigre was furious with us.  The other two cats, older, wiser, were fine with the house being free of loud, fast, young boys playing superheroes.

Then, to make nice, El Tigre killed a rabbit and presented it at the front door.  Bigger than the moles he usually gives to us.  Ewwwww.  I was happily at work when he presented this gift.

Root canal this morning.  I love going to the dentist.  I truly do enjoy it.  It is a time when I know no one can reach me.  I’m totally free to relax and be away from the world.  I enjoy root canals.  But today’s work was not stellar.  It involved three roots (molar) and to sum up, burning medicine ran down my throat and there was vomit involved when they tried to get an x-ray in the middle of the procedure.  That was a first for me.  But we finished it in 95 minutes.  In two weeks I go back for round two on this tooth.  Hopefully it won’t take as long and there will be no vomit.

Trying to get the boys back on the school schedule.  Slow going.  But we’ll get there.

And now it is bedtime for me.  After another pain pill.  Ow, my mouth hurts.

And I love House reruns.

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