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Happily, my OTC allergy medicine arrived. My sinus may actually slow down their ridiculous levels of mucous production. Man, if I could find something to make with that I could retire.

And of course with copious amounts of free time, ghosts like to come visiting. They usually lurk in the dark shadowy areas of my mind and memory. But at the moment, they like trying to have a chat in the middle of the night.

To avoid them I wander down the random path of Google link after Google link. It’s interesting to see how different people and things are connected much the way we’re all connected to Kevin Bacon. Six little degrees, my friends.

Now I’m off to eat leftovers-mmmm, gumbo! And I’m attempting an Oreo cheesecake in my Instant Pot.

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Is it tacky to order something with bacon when having lunch with Mr. Bacon?  I would be able answer that question after this lunch.  I am so tempted to work my two degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon to actually try to have lunch with him.  I’m not related to him at all, but my cousin-in-law is married to Kevin’s brother so it is not totally out of the realm that I could meet Kevin Bacon.

How long I have adored him?  It became love with Footloose, I mean, I was in my critical teen years in the 80s.  I had seen him in Diner and Animal House and Friday the 13th, but Footloose put him forever on my radar.  Quicksilver, White Water Summer, Planes, Trains & Automobiles, She’s Having a Baby (huge influence on my life between him and John Hughes), okay you know what, just go read his list on imdb because it’s a lot to type.

Taking Chance.  I cry like a baby when I even think about that movie.  His performance is amazing.  Very subtle, very controlled, and very grown up.  Apollo 13-love him in that one too.  Oh, too many.  I wonder if he would play Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon with me?  I could probably kick his butt at it.

His appearance on Will & Grace-as himself.  Friggin’ hysterical.  Do people prefer friggin’ or frickin’?  Perhaps I should just use frakking.

I applaud his marriage to the awesome Kyra Sedgwick (my fave for her is Singles).  I’d ask how the kids are and then we’d start yapping about The Following.  Bacon and Poe and serial killers.  The show is addictive from the word nevermore.  Poe has been having a resurgence lately.  First the press about the end of an era with no rose and booze on his grave.  Did anyone start that tradition again?  The Poe movie, The Raven, with John Cusack (love him!).  Then the Ravens win the Super Bowl.  Poe is having an awesome year.

I like the flashback concept in The Following.  I love a good puzzle, a good mystery that slowly unravels and makes you question every twist and turn.  Who can be trusted?  I really have no frakking clue.  The show is creepy and made me jump more than once.  Felt bad for Maggie Grace-too bad Liam Neeson couldn’t have jumped in with his particular set of skills.

Kevin Bacon has portrayed characters that have helped to shape my perspective in every decade of my life.  I will follow him.


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I had a thought today.  I know, there’s an accomplishment right there.  I reflected about mediocrity once again.  It’s not always a bad thing.  If one is mediocre in a particular area, you don’t have to achieve anything all that amazing within that area.  The bar is most definitely lowered and the pressure is off of you.  So as I reflect about my strengths and weaknesses, pressures are falling off in all directions.

I’m not saying I’m mediocre at everything.  I can’t think of anything at the moment that I excel at, but that’s besides the point.  The point is that the extreme pressures I put on myself all the time are not necessary.  People have been telling me this for years (my hubby in particular) but this is the type of moment that one has to come to in her own time.  I suspect it will take several weeks for it to really sink in, but at the moment it’s a nice realization.

One thing I’m good at that improves my lot in life in no way is pulling obscure quotes from movies.  I can’t actually do anything with this ability, but it does give me a good chuckle when I need it.  I’m also not bad at Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.  Years of video retail does this to one’s brain.  Years of watching movies does it.  I adore movies.  I stopped relaxing when I watch them over the past few years.  Don’t know why, I suppose I’ll ponder that soon enough.

Another thing I’m good at is reading.  Is that the dorkiest sentence you’ve ever read, or what?  But I recall the stuff I’ve read, like I do with quotes from a movie.  I can recall the story, details, and characters in almost a flashback by simply looking at the book.  It’s like a quick catch-up with an old friend.

I visited some old friends today at Tookey’s Bar.  I reread “One for the Road” and actually relaxed while reading the story.  It was nice.  I love Uncle Stevie’s vernacular in this story.  The one character uses “I says” a lot.  There’s a “since Hector was a pup” in the story too.  Plus the vampires don’t hurt.

Today I reflected on mediocrity, did laundry, drove Mom’s taxi, read a little.  I embraced the simplicity of mediocrity.  Today was a mediocre day and that’s not bad.

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I caught an interesting movie this evening. Well, I caught part of it. It’s called Elephant White and it’s got your favorite and mine Kevin Bacon in it. It is about the sex/slave trade in Thailand. The aspect of spiritualism is incorporated into the plot which I found interesting. While I have very little knowledge on the sex trade industry in Thailand, I do know that part of it is rooted in religion-a misinterpretation of it, but if you think of uneducated masses being manipulated for generations, it probably seems reasonable. If you like Kevin Bacon and want to see a good but troubling movie, give it a watch. But not with little ones around. It’s rated R for a reason.

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