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First, my back really hurts from carrying the office tree out to the curb for the township to chip in the chipper.  Yes, I’m married to a chiropractor but he’s not available at the moment to fix whatever I knocked out of whack.

Second, my sugar was low and I just ate cheese, pepperoni, and crackers as a snack.  Yummy.

I am pondering why General Mills feels the need to identify some of their cereals as “Kids” when many adults enjoy the marshmallow-y goodness with a full serving of grains.  Monster cereal countdown is back to single digits…9 months and counting.

I only just finished folding the laundry because I was the worst mom ever and let the boys stay up an extra hour watching me play Skylanders.  They were very proud of their mom when she finished the game.  Thank you, thank you, first video game ever finished, but it’s only 33% complete so obviously I need to go back in and finish some stuff.  But first I need a magic Skylander.  Yes, it’s official.  I’m addicted.

But the saddest reason of all for me not being asleep yet…

I love the story arc of the episodes of Friends tonight on Nick at Night.  “Oh my God!  That is brand new information!”  It it the four-part story arc that ends with some guy, Ken Adams, and the backpacking story.

videotape episode “The One with the Videotape” is probably my favorite episode.  Excellent performances by Joey and Phoebe.  Great timing in the delivery of lines.  I laugh until I pee a little…I’m a mom-we do that.  Especially if you had big babies.  I could pull out Season 8 on dvd and watch it a lot quicker, but if you refer back to #1, I don’t feel like digging around in the back of the bottom shelf.  Note to self-move the Friends dvds so they are easier to get to even when my back hurts.

Dave Matthews

And I need to get the House episode “Half-Wit” on dvd.  It’s the Dave Matthews episode.

Back to Friends, I love Joey’s couch.  Not to be confused with the PIVOT couch.  I like the yellow leather couch Joey has.  We’re going to have to buy a new couch this year…hmmm.  When we do get rid of the current couch we will squeeze it through the sliding glass doors (as we did to get it in the house).  Happily we do not have to gently lower it down from the deck.  We’ll just throw it over.  It’s a huge couch.  We’ll probably have to PIVOT to get the couch out!

Well, I’m going to enjoy the remaining two episodes of the evening.  Some guy…Ken Adams! joey as ken

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Wonderful vacation with my family.  Fossils, food, fun, freedom from reality.

Home to an angry cat.  El Tigre was furious with us.  The other two cats, older, wiser, were fine with the house being free of loud, fast, young boys playing superheroes.

Then, to make nice, El Tigre killed a rabbit and presented it at the front door.  Bigger than the moles he usually gives to us.  Ewwwww.  I was happily at work when he presented this gift.

Root canal this morning.  I love going to the dentist.  I truly do enjoy it.  It is a time when I know no one can reach me.  I’m totally free to relax and be away from the world.  I enjoy root canals.  But today’s work was not stellar.  It involved three roots (molar) and to sum up, burning medicine ran down my throat and there was vomit involved when they tried to get an x-ray in the middle of the procedure.  That was a first for me.  But we finished it in 95 minutes.  In two weeks I go back for round two on this tooth.  Hopefully it won’t take as long and there will be no vomit.

Trying to get the boys back on the school schedule.  Slow going.  But we’ll get there.

And now it is bedtime for me.  After another pain pill.  Ow, my mouth hurts.

And I love House reruns.

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Again a show that I love has left the airways.  Again I was very happy with the final episode.  I must say I loved that House worked in a reference to Dead Poet’s Society…hee hee hee.  And I know it doesn’t happen often anymore, but I’m glad they left it open. Technically they could do a reunion show, albeit without Wilson, but…

Little bit Thelma and Louise at the end, not that I think they are going to drive off a cliff, but just taking off is freeing.  I was speaking with a coworker about it earlier today and we wondered if House and Wilson would rent a convertible, drive off,  and pick up Brad Pitt, which I think Brad would have done it.  So carpe diem to us all.

I didn’t get to watch the behind the scenes special before the final episode…work.  But I am sure I will watch it over the weekend.  Currently, Kenneth Branagh is playing in the background in Love’s Labour’s Lost.  (Geeky trivia question for you-what does Kenneth Branagh have in common with both Hugh Laurie and Robert Sean Leonard?)  Papers must be graded, tests must be scored, laundry must be folded, and trash must be put to the curb.

But it will be done with a satisfied brain, pleased with the end of House.

Oldest son claims he can no longer sleep with his brother in the same bed.  They’ve shared a double-size bed for six years and now he’s decided he can’t share a bed.  At the moment, there really is no other option for him, so his solution is to sleep on the chaise in the living room.  Yeah, sleep.  Wink wink, nudge nudge.

Youngest son was devastated by this event.  He was crying as he tried to go to sleep and fessed up to the fact that he is scared of the dark.  I didn’t tell oldest son this information as I didn’t want him to feel even more power and control over his baby brother.  I checked on youngest son several times as he was falling asleep.  He is sleeping soundly in the bed, cuddling Blue Bear and his Elmo’s blanket.  Oldest son is tossing and turning as he pretends to sleep on the chaise.

Oldest son did not like when I ignored his questions during House.  He kept asking why I was crying and I wouldn’t answer. Then he would ask why I was laughing and I wouldn’t answer.  He kept pretending I was waking him up with my reactions to the episode.  He’s really got to work on his delivery.  It’s too over the top and obvious.  I was trying to make a point however that he was well beyond his 8:30 bedtime.  In theory, they should have been asleep before the episode even started and then it wouldn’t have mattered.  But he likes to be a ham.

I like that the series gave us little pictures, snapshots, of where the other characters went after House’s grand exit.  Fans deserve that type of ending.  Monk did the same.  Left everybody basically doing the same-old-same-old just without our voyeuristic eyes peering into their lives.

But the best lives to peer into are our own.  I know why my sons were still up-they were waiting to see me, or to get a few more minutes playing a video game.  They do like to grab a few minutes with me when I get home and, with my current late night schedule, I don’t mind if they are up for a wee bit when I get home.  I miss the little buggers.

Well, remember the lessons we’ve learned from House.  There are books on the philosophy of House, but I sum it up like this.  Mystery is a good thing, friends do matter, and everybody lies.  Of course, the most important lesson:

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Lunch would take place in a Jersey diner.  Where else could it, considering the circumstances.  Or maybe PJ’s pancake house in Princeton.  I guess it would depend on the time of day.  (There could one day be an entire post on the season 7 photos, including the blending of House and Pennywise.)

I love the show House, M.D. (we’ll use the full title at least once).  I enjoy procedurals and this one offered a nice little twist that I found irresistible.  The main character is an ass.  I actually sometimes wish doctors were more like House-cut to the chase and remind me that you are the one with the advanced degree while I am the biased patient who clicked too many links on google.  Tonight’s episode returned to truisms from the first season-everybody lies and the relationship (bromance) between House and Wilson is the key to the success of this show.

The past couple of seasons became too focused on the people and less on the interaction of these people within the work environment, which is why I liked the show in the first place.  I got tired of the House and Cuddy storyline.  Still don’t know exactly what happened between Chase and Cameron, and more to the point, I don’t care what happened to Chase and Cameron.  I think the show should end this year (as sad as I will be, just like I was when Monk went off the air), but they had done it all.  Plus, what I had hoped would happen with the end in sight did happen.  They got their mojo back.  House is back to being an ass and Wilson somehow sticks by him, though they have allowed Wilson to show the strain it’s been on him.

Tonight Wilson said some harsh truths.  House took it, handled it in his own way, true to form.  The pictures on Wilson’s computer at the end actually caused me to laugh out loud, dare I type it…LOL.  It was one of the better episodes I’ve seen in a long time because I cared about the characters, including the medical mystery of the week, and they made me feel something.  I do feel that may have also been partly due to Hugh Laurie directing it.  You cannot discount the care and affection the director has for the characters improving the heart and soul of an episode.

The House and Cuddy storyline simply made me feel annoyed.  The show had gotten bogged down with junk and messes to be cleaned up.  Tonight there were plenty of messes, but of the medical kind.  I can’t understand why shows feel the need to change things up when it works they way it was originally conceived.  This year House seems to have returned to its roots.  This is good and has even caused me to care that there are only THREE EPISODES LEFT.

Is it cliche that Wilson has cancer?  Yep.  But the way he and House are dealing with it is not cliche.  It’s reckless and stupid, just like them.  The emotional sap in me loved finding out that all of the knick-knacks in Wilson’s office were from patients.  It offered a nice snapshot of the emotional depth and connections living within Wilson.

There was some kind of contest to send in a picture that you felt demonstrated the key to House (or something like that) and the winner’s picture would be incorporated into the finale.  I did not submit an entry, mostly because I don’t know how to photoshop a single thing.  But I do know what I would have done.  Take a picture of House.  On his shoulders are Chase, the classic little red devil with horns and a pitchfork, and Foreman on the other as the classic angel, halo and all.  Cameron would be where we place the soul (in our attempts to understand this amazing concept) sort of near the heart.  Cuddy would be over his heart.  And Wilson, in full Jiminy Cricket wardrobe, would simply be standing next to him.  Offering advice, but much like Pinocchio, that advice is too often ignored and House looks like a jackass.

Truly part of me wonders if in the last 15 minutes of the last episode if House will simply wake up from a really fun night of partying with too much vicodin and too many drinks.  He’ll get up and go to work for the first real time in the series.  The whole eight years having been a hallucination, pulling a new variation on Dallas.  Or perhaps House and Wilson will pull a Thelma and Louise.  Don’t know…but I hope it’s good.  I hope it’s very House.  But I hope it isn’t lame.

Yeah, you’ll smile when you catch that one.

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In the heat of the moment this evening, oldest son decided he no longer wanted to share a room with youngest son.  He wanted some space.  I agreed.  They’ve been fighting a lot, little fights, but enough of them to have become highly annoying and distracting to whatever is the true focus.  Youngest son thought this idea was great.  His own space, some independence, and he could decide things for himself without negotiations that rival the UN.  He set right to work (at 8:30pm) in clearing off the bed in the shark room so he could set up housekeeping this very evening.

We all helped in this effort.  The dioramas from several months ago were abandoned as they were taking up a lot of space on the bed.  The shark room had become the place that the boys stuck things when they had to deal with them (because I made them) but didn’t really want to deal with them.  We threw a lot of stuff out.  It felt mighty good for the mommy to purge stuff and the motivation was there so I struck while the iron was hot.  There was no new episode of House…I had forgotten it was a two hour season finale of Alcatraz (I thought I would have gotten into that show with my love of prisons, but didn’t happen).  With no boob-tube to suck my energies, I had simply put on a channel that was in the middle of a Madonna take-over.  A good beat in the background, we got a lot done.  Fresh sheets on the shark room bed and it was time to tuck them in to separate beds.

When I walked into the dinosaur room, oldest son was sitting on his bed crying.  He was already regretting his decision made in the heat of the moment of this evening’s fight.  He did not want youngest son to see the tears and hid them at all cost.  I shooed youngest son back to “his room” and told I would be right in to tuck him in to bed.  Oldest son and I then talked about how this was a good thing.  A little space is not a bad thing.  I reminded him they could have “sleepovers” and he started to look at the positives of the quick decision.  I told him had been thinking about it for a few weeks, on and off, that maybe it was time for a break again.  He felt better.  Especially when I told him I would get another nightlight like the one he has now so he wouldn’t have to give up the fish nightlight.  Though I did point out to him that the triceratops nightlight went better with the dinosaur room and the fish one went better with the shark room.

Madonna was playing in the background the whole time and damn, how does she stay is such phenomenal shape?  I know she has trainers, possibly chefs to make her yummy, nutritious food, and the time to spend hours each day working out, but damn, she’s in her 50s and looks better now than she did in her 20s.  I really liked her look in “Ray of Light” and I really liked the song.  Many of her songs make me want to get up and dance…not all of them, but many.  “Ray of Light” is one of them.  I don’t get the British accent she uses intermittently (sometimes in a single sentence) and, maybe I’m crazy, but it seems as if the gap between her teeth changes sizes depending on her mood.  The lady can certainly dance when she wants to.

Youngest son got tucked into bed and he was happy as a clam.  He likes being king of all he surveys…all 12 x 12 feet of it.  He fell asleep with a little smile on his face.  No regret for him.  I think if Madge had been hanging with me we would have discussed the looks from her past, possibly chosen in the heat of the moment, that she regrets.  There are several I would point out.  One wasn’t an outfit so much as that time period where her arms were obscenely thin…they were toned…but so thin as to look unhealthy.  I didn’t like that look.  Everyone should have a little bit of arm flab.  So yes, as Madge works her way through her 50s, I’m glad the arm flab is back.  It’s barely noticeable, but it’s enough.

So a little bit of Madonna, a little bit of regret.  A little bit of memory lane thinking of when the boys first decided to share a bedroom.  It was four and a half years ago.  I said it was time for bed and the two of the padded down the hallway.  When I went into oldest son’s room, there they were, cuddling in bed, a wee four year old and his wee two year old brother who had just graduated to a toddler bed.  That was it.  Shared a room for the next few years, with a brief reprieve when youngest son was about four.  That was short lived, as this separation may prove to be.  Or they could be growing up just a little bit more and independence is a part of that.  But there are always sleepovers, or a shark tent in the living room.


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Today was a day of simplicity.  The boys and I went to church.  I was subbing for one of the other Sunday School teachers and my students were the helpers.  This meant I got to teach my youngest son’s class.  He did really well having Mom be his teacher for the day.  I try to teach a grade that neither are in because there is a wee bit more pressure when your mom’s the teacher.

The worship service seemed to be filled with simplicity in that so much of it was prayer.  Prayers for the community as we struggle with the tragedy from Thursday morning.  The words from my pastor filled my heart and I kept adding my own prayer of thanks for my two healthy and happy sons.  The boys helped me put the new curriculum in the classrooms after service and then we drove home.

On the drive we looked to see if the carcass of the deer was still on the side of the road.  It had been several weeks since we sat and watched the turkey buzzards (I think that’s what they were; they didn’t look like a classic vulture).  The bones were still there but no birds were circling anymore.

We came home and had sandwiches for lunch.  We had hoped to go to the museum this weekend but the boys didn’t keep up their end of the bargain.  Chores had to be completed by the time I got home from work on Friday and the chores weren’t done.  There were a lot of tears, a lot of promises, and I’m sure they were thinking “mean Mommy and mean Daddy”, but they had the whole day to accomplish a few simple chores.  What they accomplished was making the mess even bigger.  I hate that part of being a parent.  I love to take them on adventures.  But part of the job is saying no when the time is appropriate.

Without the trip to the museum, yesterday was spent working on the house.  With actual thought and planning, we simplified our kitchen.  We have this pile of stuff that tended to sit on the floor due to lack of cabinet space.  I measured the space and found the two random, funky cabinets we inherited with the house would fit in the space.  I gave them each a quick and dirty coat of paint (theater painting in my vernacular) and we set them up.  Not only does this give us the extra storage we needed, it provides the ever popular extra counter-top space.  Ah, simplicity.

My hubby and I also talked about the fact that we don’t need to buy as much food as we do.  I am dreadfully spoiled since my hubby does the shopping, but the man loves a sale.  He’ll stockpile like a hoarder.  Today he went to get the lunch meat for the sandwiches and did buy some Entenmann’s donuts–on sale.  Today he only bought two boxes.  Yea!

Hubby did a lot of work in his office too.  We also agreed that the more we cleaned out the more there is to clean out.  We agreed it will simply take time and celebrated our little victories of the weekend.  I repositioned my wonderful “Vera” bouquet in a spot that highlights it beautifully.  I used the space it had been in to set up a little bar (when did we acquire enough liquor to require a little make-shift bar?  Wow, we’re like grown-ups or something).  I dealt with several bags of “stuff” that seemed important enough at the time to set aside but now are clearly unnecessary.  Time really does work its magic, doesn’t it?  Things that seem so urgent and important rarely are as important as we make them out to be.

And now I sit looking at my home.  If one of those “staging for sale” shows came in, they would have a heart attack.  But man, it’s our house.  It is fun, funky, and a little bit strange.  It always strikes me as odd when people ask me how the boys handle the office downstairs.  I have to remind myself that to some that’s a weird way to grow up.  To me, it’s not like it’s a funeral home or anything.  It’s a chiropractor’s office.  Sure there are a bunch of spines and x-rays, but what house doesn’t have them?  With my hubby working from home, our sons get to have grand adventures after school and all summer long.  We are in a phase of simplicity yet also a renewing of our shared lives.  It’s quite a lovely place to be.

Our sons bedrooms would also freak out the staging people.  A picture is worth a thousand words. 










So our house is our own.  We live life marching to our own drummer.  At this moment, our sons are cuddling on the couch watching their beloved Pokemon.  Then they’ll get ready for bed and they’ll probably fight just a little bit.  Because they are brothers.  And that’s okay for now.  Simplicity.  Spending the weekend together.  Simplicity.  Doing a little bit each day.  Simplicity.

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Today I enjoyed a House marathon both on television and in my house.  Today was the first day in about five weeks that I haven’t had to go anywhere.  It has been lovely.  I baked chicken using a little Bisquick recipe and it was yummy.  I did not strain to do anything.  Granted,  I didn’t accomplish an amazing amount of productive stuff, but the relaxation was the productive stuff today.

I made Scotty do laundry yesterday because I had been avoiding it.  Today I did a load.  There was no dog barking at the washer machine.

I cleaned.  I watched House.  I spent time with my sons when they wanted to be with me.  We cuddled a wee bit this morning which was sweet.

Relief came in the form of not thinking a lot today.  My muscles are beginning to loosen, but that in itself brings new forms of aches.  Motivation still needs to be found in the physical activity arena.  I’m hopeful it will light up within me soon.  Otherwise I will be forced to make myself do something.  So much harder without an intrinsic motivation.  Even when I feel “better”, physical activity makes everything hurt more which then sends me back into a phase of inactivity.  It’s a viscous cycle, I tell you!  If I can find some physical activities that help and don’t hurt and make them a routine, that would be lovely.

But tonight things hurt just a bit too much as some of the week’s tension seeps away.  Tonight will simply include a marathon of sleep in my house of chaos.  Madness knew “Our House”.

Father wears his Sunday best
Mother’s tired she needs a rest
The kids are playing up downstairs
Sister’s sighing in her sleep
Brother’s got a date to keep
He can’t hang aroundOur house, in the middle of our street
Our house, in the middle of our

Our house it has a crowd
There’s always something happening
And it’s usually quite loud
Our mum she’s so house-proud
Nothing ever slows her down
And a mess is not allowed

Our house, in the middle of our street
Our house, in the middle of our

Our house, in the middle of our street
(Something tells you)
(That you’ve got to get away from it)
Our house, in the middle of our

Father gets up late for work
Mother has to iron his shirt
Then she sends the kids to school
Sees them off with a small kiss
She’s the one they’re going to miss
In lots of ways

Our house, in the middle of our street
Our house, in the middle of our

I remember way back then when
Everything was true and when
We would have such a very good time
Such a fine time
Such a happy time
And I remember how we’d play
Simply waste the day away
Then we’d say
Nothing would come between us
Two dreamers

Father wears his Sunday best
Mother’s tired she needs a rest
The kids are playing up downstairs
Sister’s sighing in her sleep
Brother’s got a date to keep
He can’t hang around

Our house, in the middle of our street
Our house, in the middle of our street
Our house, in the middle of our street
Our house, was our castle and our keep
Our house, in the middle of our street
Our house, that was where we used to sleep
Our house, in the middle of our street
Our house, in the middle of our street

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My cup is truly filled with grace and happiness today.  Touching base with my first love, I have been cast in a show, a musical to boot!  It will wonderfully exciting to “move well” across the boards again.

My sons are having a wonderful summer, digging in dirt, spending the day with their friends, getting a treat from Mr. Softee.  They are filthy by the end of each day and it’s wonderful.  My sons, two of their friends, and I will be going to the local zoo tomorrow.

The weather is beautiful this week.  I’ve actually enjoyed some of it.

Vacation Bible School (VBS) has surrounded me with wonderful, talented, giving volunteers again.  I am very excited for it to start next week.

The class I teach is going nicely with a good group of students and an even balance in the classroom.  The class I’ll teach in the fall is looking full and happy.  My job is going well.  Friends are getting good news and enjoying good developments in their lives.

My house is getting cleaner.  My soul is getting cleaner.

Hugh Laurie and Robert Sean Leonard will be back on House.

Life is good.  I am thankful for the blessings of God’s grace filling my cup till it runneth over.

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