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While taking the boys to camp this afternoon, I wept silently several times.  Not just because I miss them while they are at camp, but because I loved what they were doing in the backseat.  They played with their stuffed animals that they were bringing to camp.  They created a whole universe in the backseat during the ride.  Blue Bear, Little Blue Bear, Elmo’s Blanket, T-Rex, Zarzac, and their little camp animals were knee-deep in it and all I know for certain is it involved codes, breaking said codes, the animals’ mothers, and some type of court.


When we got to camp, I saw two mothers driving out of the camp, both wiping tears away from their eyes.  That got me going again.  We got them settled in their cabins, a very regular routine this summer, and then said our goodbyes.  On our way out of the camp, we dropped off the care packages.  Younger son will turn 9 this Thursday and that also helped me cry.  I hate like hell not being with him on his birthday, but he says he enjoys the celebration at camp.  Hearing their names called out even before they walked through the door today makes me believe everything they say about camp, so I trust he enjoys his birthday there.  Plus, they both get care packages in connection to it.


After dropping off the care packages, we started the ride home and it felt longer.  I cried.  Hubby said each time they go to camp, they come home more grown up.  It’s true and it’s a good thing, but knowing that we dropped them off to some serious growing up on their own gives me pause and made me cry a little bit today.

I am so thankful we are able to send the boys to camp, to let them stand on their own, and grow in ways that they can’t when we’re around.  And even though they will be a little more grown up next Saturday, they’ll always be my babies.


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The boys have been at camp since Sunday afternoon and time is moving so slowly.  I can’t believe how much I miss them.  I took three days off from work and was going to accomplish so much.  I have sorted through boxes of toys, done some weeding, relaxed with Lifetime (do we really need all of those reality shows?  All the commercials during Will & Grace are for reality shows…really?), and I’ve done laundry.  Rex and I have had some lovely walks.  Hubby and I are having a date night tonight.  I had Chinese food for lunch yesterday.  I may paint the living room tomorrow.

Still, I’m tempted to go back to work tomorrow instead of Thursday.  I feel like time is moving soooooo slowly.  I can’t stand how much I miss them.  I was ready for bed last night at 8:30.  Forced myself to stay up.  Hemmed another pair of pants for Hubby.  There’s still plenty I can do around the house, but I miss the boys and end up sitting around, lacking all motivation.

And tomorrow is younger son’s 8th birthday.  I know he’ll have an awesome day.  They do a parade during lunch in the dining hall.  He has a care package waiting for him, which he has to sing for.  Older son has a care package too.  I wonder if they’ll sing a duet, perhaps the alphabet song from the Three Stooges. 😉  Have to get younger son’s birthday gift.  He opted to celebrate when he got home so he had even more to look forward to on Saturday.

When Hubby told me we would have a date night tonight, he said we could do something grown up.  My response was “Play Skylanders?” I do need this time apart from my sons-it’s good for me and them, but goodness, didn’t know it would be so hard with both of them away.

So today I’ll go to the dentist (that is like going to the spa in my world-I love the dentist).  I’ll clean off the surface of every table in the house, purge more toys, clean younger son’s fish tank, and hopefully at least buy the paint for the living room.  Then tomorrow I can paint and that will be my distraction.

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Older son is away at camp.  These are the witty statements from younger son, courtesy of the freedom of speech he is experiencing in his brother’s absence.

“You’re from the civil war, what do you mean you haven’t read Mysterious Island by Jules Vern?”

“I want more broccoli and cheese!”

“I guess King Kong is just monkeying around.”

Younger son loves to have control of the remote control, the food options, and the conversation.  When he gets the chance, he is truly quite the talker.  He misses older son, but he’ll deny it if asked directly.  I know older son is having a blast.  He loves camp and his counselor this year is apparently also a verbal learner so I’m sure they are getting along fabulously.  Saturday morning will be here before you know it.  It just feels a million years away.

I only went to summer camp for one weekend.  It was fun.  We watched Psycho on a big screen outside, at night, surrounded by the sounds of nature.  One of the best ways to watch a Hitchcock film if you ask me.  Still, if I had had the chance to go to camp for a week or two during the summer, each summer, I think that would have been awesome.  My sons think it’s awesome and I am thankful we can send them.

Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah keeps playing in my mind…

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Tomorrow I bring my oldest son to summer camp.  He’ll be there for a week.  I’ll be on vacation because my boss knows I’ll be a nut-case.  I’ll have a fun week with my youngest.  Last year the novelty wore off pretty quickly for him being an “only child” if only for a few days.  So we’ve got some fun plans for while his big bro is off having fun swimming, making crafts, and learning archery.

My baby…not so baby anymore.

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