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So as I am 95% misanthrope, I have been mostly ok with the current situation. But at times I do miss the company of humans. Obviously, my three stooges are here keeping me entertained, and I see my folks, my bro, some close friends every once and a while. But just general people? Been a long time and I hope I remember my manners when we finally see each other again face to face.

I have had to own the fact that even now that I have the “time” I have not improved my diet or exercise habits. I am pleased that I have not gained weight, but there is no excuse for not having lost weight and creating an exercise routine. I need to create new habits and I am always solid about my plans in the middle of the night, as I drift off to sleep. But in the day, with the light of the sun streaming in the window, I eat the M&Ms and I sit on my ass. So I need to substitute that with a walk, or a stretch, or anything. I am sure I would see results quickly just by cutting out the sugary snacks.

I have fun things to challenge myself with when I prioritize those things over playing yet another game on my phone. I have been taking classes in a master’s program, and I start teaching my class again next week. The brain work is good, as I fear my memory has taken a toll during this “timeless” year. I struggle to know what day of the week it is and have become overly reliant on my phone to know the actual date. There is a certain type of freedom in this though. I feel less first-world stress. I don’t mean to start a conversation about that, but that is the world I live in and those are the stresses I have. I am thankful for my education, but not the debt that hangs around my neck. Suffice it to say the return on investment they claim is not accurate. At least not with the choices and path I have walked. The first master’s I got was a step in the right direction, so I thought, but still twenty years later, it is only now beginning to show some benefit. I hope the next master’s helps more quickly. {giggle} I am also just investing in myself to avoid a narrow focus and becoming boring. I have been learning more about topics I have always wondered about, and I am crocheting.

Spending time with my sons is both wonderful and frustrating. They are at an age where spending umpteen months in lockdown with your parents is the last place they want to be. They should be forging their independence and learning how to make decisions, without me literally always in the next room. They will be fine, but this whole generation of teens is being shaped by this. The younger children are going to have different hurdles to deal with, and my heart weeps for how it will have shaped them when we start to really see it in ten years or so.

My dog has heightened anxiety because I rarely leave and now he cries when I do. I know the cats are tired of us. One constant is the beardies. They still just sit on their trees, eat their food, drink their water, and poop. Bearded dragons are most decidedly not impacted by a pandemic.

Those are my rambling thoughts for the evening. I miss writing. And I needed to let it get to a point where I missed it. I hope to write again much sooner that the last time. Be well.

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June 8, 2014.  I will breathe the same oxygen as Kenneth Branagh.  Okay, technically, not the same, and every day we are breathing the same “air” but on June 8, 2014, it’ll be the shared air in the Armory.

Kenneth as MacBethJune 8, 2014.

Twelve years of marriage.  Fourteen years shared together.  Over ten years of parenting joy.  Two amazing sons.  A fantastic Adopted #3 Son.  Two dogs,  nine cats, two bearded dragons, countless fish, thousands of crickets (always temporary at best), multiple mealworm colonies, two rocket sleds, four POSs, a trip to India, honeymoon in Maine, many trips to Massachusetts, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, and all around New Jersey.  Millions of laughs, a bunch of tears, fair share of bouts of sickness or the “sicks”, plenty of morning sickness!  A bunch of theater productions, many sets built and taken down, many 50/50s sold.  Around 36 family board meetings, reunions up and down the east coast.  Many pink pigs, hundreds of Three Stooges, dozens of flights to the Moon and bushes of pink roses.  How do you sum up a marriage?  You can’t.  You can make a laundry list, like this, but it doesn’t capture the heart, the soul, the body, and the mind of a marriage.

Hubby, I love you wamhasabam aiaw faeaad.  Happy anniversary!

P.S. Yes, others have pointed out Hubby’s resemblance to Kenneth Branagh.


bridal party



ring bearer


Old fashioned watch your step  


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Younger son’s best friend came over today along with his two sisters.  In total, I had a ten-year old boy, a ten-year old girl, two eight-year old boys, and a three-year girl in my house for four hours.  Plus the 15 pets (1 cat, 3 kittens, 1 dog, 2 bearded dragons, and 8 fish…okay, the eight fish don’t require a lot of attention).  It was a full house of chaos.

At one point the three-year old girl said, “You talk about me.”… “No, we don’t. Why would you think that?”… “I dreamed about you and Younger Son. And you talked about me.”

Then there was a loud noise competition between the three-year old girl and my oldest, the ten-year old boy.

Another moment during the afternoon, I hear “I’m done!”  I looked around, not sure what that meant.  The ten-year old sister stood up, and sheepishly explained it meant her sister was done in the bathroom, ready for help, heading down the hall to the bathroom.

Sitting at the dining room table, my two sons and the three-year old were all still eating pizza, when the sweet little girl passed some gas.  My sons looked at me, at each other, back at me, then she passed a little more gas.  They looked at me again and I gave them the look that said, “she’s three, she can’t help it, and I know what each of you are capable of at this table, so let it go.”

These are the joyous moments of motherhood that make me realize I am glad I have an eight-year old son and a ten-year old son.  I do not miss diapers, playpens, toddler years, preschool years.  I loved those years when we were in them (how did I have the energy?!?), but I love where we are even more.  Those early moments are so very precious.  Each stage of childhood is precious and I’ve never been one to look back and sigh, missing the stage that had been grown out of.  Today, I realized I barely remember the stages the boys have grown out of.  I loved the silliness, the discoveries, the wonder of the world through their eyes, but I love where they are even more, so much so I don’t miss where they’ve been.

I also realized I have brought out a good number of breakable items that had been packed away for so long while they were little, little boys.  Okay, the items weren’t packed away all that long, but it felt like a long time while we were in it.  The boys are just such interesting people…I love watching them discover more and more about themselves.  I realized their days do not revolve around me (like days do when they are so little) and that’s a good thing.  Hell, sometimes I’m just the annoying mom now.

I love that my sons stay up till around midnight most nights whispering in their room, having “bro talk” about topics ranging from Lego design, to life dreams, to deep conversations about how to handle peer pressure.

I love that younger son tells me and Hubby that we are addicted to Law and Order SVU and that he’s going to call Dick Wolf and tell him to take it off the air.

I love when older son steps up by stepping back and letting his younger brother take the lead.

I love that they still share a room and have the other room set up with their Legos and beardies.

I love that they take turns walking the dog and they are nurturing the kittens with such love and attention.

I love that we live in our house, the house of chaos.  (In the middle of the street…it was our castle and our keep…)

I love that they love that song.

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Our home is full of furry and not-so-furry creatures.  Rex joined us in June and he’s a  fantastic dog.  Three little kittens joined us in December and they are too adorable for words.  Then for Christmas, each son received a bearded dragon kit from Santa and the next day each son picked out his beardie.  Obviously this means there are crickets in the house as well.  Solid and steadfast through all of these changes has been Shemp, the 13 year old matriarch cat.

IMG_8041Rex got a new bed from Santa for Christmas.  He likes to rest his head on it as he adores pillows.  The bed was lovingly chosen by Santa to perfectly coordinate with our bedroom.  It doesn’t spend much time there because…





IMG_7988Shemp has decided she likes Rex’s bed and prefers it in the living room.






And the kittens…
TJ is the orange one, Cujo is the fluffy one on the right, and Loki, little fur ball of mischief, is toward the bottom of this photo just about winking at you.


Photos of the beardies will come soon enough.  At the moment, they are asleep with their night-light bulbs shining a purple glow on their habitats.

These little creatures do fill one’s heart with love.  Even the reptiles.

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Oldest son called out very excitedly this evening.  What could it be, I wondered.  He shouted that there was a mealworm!  He first got his mealworms, larvae, and beetles about four months ago.  I think all but one made it to beetle.  For a while there were only beetles and apparently they were busy (wink, wink, nudge, nudge, say no more).  He is very excited but now I wonder how does one care for newborn baby mealworms?  I emailed oldest son’s teacher and asked for advice.  She saw how much he loved her worms (she brought them into class) so she gave him his own starter colony!

I’m very proud of him.  He really dedicated himself to taking care of these critters.  He loves that he owns arthropods.  He quotes Walking with Dinosaurs, narrated by the beloved Kenneth Branagh, “the arthropods are back!”  I do think part of the motivation came from wanting an even more exotic pet based on his successful care of the beetles.  Another part of oldest son’s motivation is that it demonstrates he is older than his brother.  Finally, he truly thinks they are cool and fun to watch.

And they are fun to watch.  I didn’t think they would be as interesting as they are.  Oldest son will probably start negotiations for a larger, reptilian type pet.  That will open the floodgates for youngest son to chime in as well.  Ah, I wonder what other little creatures will be dwelling alongside the mealworms in our home soon.

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If only cleaning my home were as easy as cleaning the fish bowls.  Granted, by writing this post, I’m delaying the cleaning of Captain Jack Sparrow’s bowl and Cretaceous’ bowl, but the point is still valid.  It’s a simple process and the results are immediate and bring happiness to the residents.

The problem remains that we have too much stuff.  We’re not hoarders-yet.  We’re pack rats.  We just hang on to stuff that we do not need.  This Christmas, hubby got a new coffee maker.  He actually wanted to keep the old one…just in case.  We have a lot of just in case items.  Two televisions down in the family room-that no one ever watches.  To be fair, there are other issues with the family room.  Two of our senior (read-lots of accidents) pets live down there so we don’t do much with the room.  The pets are old, they can’t help it.  But I digress…we are the proud owners of only one coffee maker.

Stuff.  How did we get this much stuff?  Why do we keep acquiring more?  I just don’t know.  Broken typewriters…really?  Do we need it?  Why don’t I simply bring it to the drop off place?  Part of it is time.  In the evenings, I want to be with my boys.  The trick would be to do the cleaning with the boys.  It would help them learn to let go of stuff that you don’t need or that is broken.

But even beyond the stuff that should actually be easy to get rid of, we have a lot of stuff.  I can’t decide about all of the stuff, because a lot of it is my hubby’s stuff.  The boys have purged toys, yet they could get rid of even more.  Now some might say I don’t need every Stephen King book in hard cover and paperback, but we can keep some things.  I feel like my Uncle Stevie books balance out the 40+ Concentration games my hubby has in his collection.

Bit by bit…foot by foot…inch by inch…simplicity will be mine.  We just painted the bathroom.  Ironically, that’s the second time since we’ve moved into our home that we’ve decorated the bathroom.  This time we let the boys pick the theme-dinosaurs.  I know, you’re shocked.  It looks good.  I want to repaint most of the house and rip down the paneling in the stairway (yep, house built in the late 60s/early 70s-you should see my golden harvest kitchen appliances!).  I have told myself that I can’t do any of the “fun” stuff till I do the icky stuff-the fun stuff will be my reward.

But tonight I clean fish bowls.

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