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I’ve been thinking about time wasters and time savers lately, because of work, you know.  No, not to figure out how to waste or save time at work-it’s part of what I help others learn about-how not to waste time and how to find ways to save time, you know, time management.  (Clearly not word management since I used way more words than necessary to explain that.)

Tonight I dedicated to wasting time.  I took a bunch of quizzes on buzzfeed.  I now know so much more about myself.  It has given me a similar feeling to when I have gone to lousy psychics.  My career should have been professor (ironically enough I do work at a university).  My psychic power should be psychometry.  If I were an 80’s song I would be “Don’t Stop Believing” which I really don’t agree with-what are the other options for that quiz?

This truly wasted my time.  Still, it was oddly relaxing.  Less relaxing because the kittens don’t like the fact that I put them to bed earlier than they like to go to bed.  They are meowing at the door but I can resist.  Tonight I am not in the mood to pick up everything that currently lives on a shelf as they go about their nightly routine of knocking everything off of the shelves.  I forgot how much work kittens require.  And keeping the dog calm when the kittens get riled up is exhausting.  Since the boys have yet to fall asleep (even though it is two hours past bedtime), I needed some quiet around me as I wasted time.

These quizzes are more fun for me to waste time than playing video games.  I didn’t catch that wave at the right time and the controllers scare me.  Yes, they scare me.  I lack the dexterity of anyone even slightly younger than me.  Reading isn’t a waste of time ever in my world and I had already read two more chapters of When Dinosaurs Roamed New Jersey so I felt good from that.  I could have just done random searches on google, but the results sometimes are overwhelming.  We searched images the other day for a project for older son.  The search was for an image of “infection”.  You’re going to google that right now, but I warn you it is gross.

Told you it was gross.

Anyway, I wanted to waste time tonight and see how it felt.  Many would say binge-watching Law & Order SVU is a time waster-and it is.  But I do at least have an emotional response and pick up tips about what not to let my sons ever do in their lives.  If I am feeling something, responding to an attempt to evoke emotion, it feels less like a time waster.  But who am I kidding, five hours of Law & Order is a time waster.  The quizzes felt different though.  I can’t remember them, I won’t remember them, and they added very little to my life.  In other words, they were a waste of time.  No offense to the quizzes, they were fun in the moment just no staying power.  I made no connections.  At least with television or film, I usually make a connection to a life experience, a book, a person, something.

I do try to live in the moment.  Don’t always do a good job of it, but I don’t like to spend time on something that I know won’t have a lasting impact in some way, shape, or form for my existence.  I guess I don’t like wasting time.

Well, gotta go.  That new episode of The Following isn’t going to watch itself.


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I am hooked on two shows that have lovely literary connections.  The Following and Grimm.  The other show I’m addicted to offers me hits for my addiction to the 1980s-Psych.

I’ve been reading up on the Brothers Grimm in anticipation of my class this fall.  I am retiring Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption for a while (sorry, Uncle Stevie) and changing to Nursery and Household Tales by the Grimms.  I am having a blast exploring how much the stories have influenced the world, sometimes in not good ways.  I mean, really not good ways.  I plan on using some of the “classics” that most of the students should remember, but also will select a good number of the lesser known ones that the boys and I have been discovering over the past year.  Two other books offering critical analysis will round out the work.  As I keep learning more, I keep coming up with new questions and discovering how much I have missed in the television series Grimm by not knowing this stuff beforehand.  I love learning!

The Following is truly gory but Kevin Bacon evens that out for me.  And Psych, well, Psych is comedic brilliance.  I cannot wait for this week’s episode.  It’s based on Clue.  Enough said.

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I want to write this evening, yet I don’t know what to write about.  I’ve made lots of errors on social media today so I may have unintentionally given myself writer’s block.  My mind has been swirling the past two weeks or so.  First, I cannot believe we are already in March.  Where is time going?  I seem to miss it every day.

This evening I enjoyed time and threw the concept of bedtime out the window.  The boys and I spent some good, fun time together.  Older son and I read some of the Barnum Brown biography for his school project.  Younger son and I reviewed for his spelling test and discussed the book he is writing.  Younger son is holding a St. Patrick’s Day craft stand in the waiting room this week and he shared how sales are going.  Both boys practiced their baseball skills again this afternoon.  They are so pumped for Little League this year.  Don’t know what changed, but I’m loving it.

I have this incredible urge to watch Angels & Demons.  Ridiculous particularly since I’m not Catholic.

Not sleeping well lately.  Explains a lot.  Like the many errors I’ve made today in my humble writings.

Maybe I’ll watch Taken.  Always a fine choice.  Or Music and Lyrics.  Quite possibly the best fake music videos ever made.  Totally brings me back to the ’80s.

Did anyone else take a long time to realize that Grant Heslov was one of the producers of Argo?  Props to him.  I love him in True Lies and Congo.  I’m a happy couch potato watching Grimm, Psych, and  The Following.  But when the heck is Episodes coming back?

Had fun during a meeting today at work comparing punctuation to spices.

Okay, I’m going to end this most random post and smartly choose to go to sleep.  I’m going to be a wild woman and not even proofread the post.  Sorry for any errors.

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Is it tacky to order something with bacon when having lunch with Mr. Bacon?  I would be able answer that question after this lunch.  I am so tempted to work my two degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon to actually try to have lunch with him.  I’m not related to him at all, but my cousin-in-law is married to Kevin’s brother so it is not totally out of the realm that I could meet Kevin Bacon.

How long I have adored him?  It became love with Footloose, I mean, I was in my critical teen years in the 80s.  I had seen him in Diner and Animal House and Friday the 13th, but Footloose put him forever on my radar.  Quicksilver, White Water Summer, Planes, Trains & Automobiles, She’s Having a Baby (huge influence on my life between him and John Hughes), okay you know what, just go read his list on imdb because it’s a lot to type.

Taking Chance.  I cry like a baby when I even think about that movie.  His performance is amazing.  Very subtle, very controlled, and very grown up.  Apollo 13-love him in that one too.  Oh, too many.  I wonder if he would play Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon with me?  I could probably kick his butt at it.

His appearance on Will & Grace-as himself.  Friggin’ hysterical.  Do people prefer friggin’ or frickin’?  Perhaps I should just use frakking.

I applaud his marriage to the awesome Kyra Sedgwick (my fave for her is Singles).  I’d ask how the kids are and then we’d start yapping about The Following.  Bacon and Poe and serial killers.  The show is addictive from the word nevermore.  Poe has been having a resurgence lately.  First the press about the end of an era with no rose and booze on his grave.  Did anyone start that tradition again?  The Poe movie, The Raven, with John Cusack (love him!).  Then the Ravens win the Super Bowl.  Poe is having an awesome year.

I like the flashback concept in The Following.  I love a good puzzle, a good mystery that slowly unravels and makes you question every twist and turn.  Who can be trusted?  I really have no frakking clue.  The show is creepy and made me jump more than once.  Felt bad for Maggie Grace-too bad Liam Neeson couldn’t have jumped in with his particular set of skills.

Kevin Bacon has portrayed characters that have helped to shape my perspective in every decade of my life.  I will follow him.


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