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This sign is simple and declares a simple act of kindness. #positivity


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I watched a five year old and a three year old negotiate sharing toys today. They had a picnic together (sort of), took turns with blocks, and pretended the diaper changing station was a filtered water station, filling a toy can over and over.

I watched two brothers play Sorry and be goofy together. Defenses were down, attitudes put aside, and the joy of friendly competition took over.

What everyday kindness did you see today?

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It plagued me in math, but more so in life. What I am already tired of is people telling me that we need to stop dividing the country but BOTH sides keep pointing out the differences. Please focus on our shared human experiences or I’ll start ignoring your asses.

If you don’t like something, fine. Share your opinion. But remember it is your opinion, and we all know the saying about opinions and assholes. Also remember that your opinion will be the opposite of someone else’s opinion and there is no need to be rude. If you’re rude, ignorant, and condescending, there will not be the possibility of a conversation to reach a balanced understanding, because I will ignore you.

I foresee a lot of time ignoring people in my future. I have begun avoiding Facebook and other social media as much as possible. With this free time, I will do my part to help people and society. I will listen and converse with those who want to actually hold a conversation, not simply tell me I’m wrong and tell me we’re divided. Because I promise you, we’re a lot more together than you realize.

To start with we’re all human. And I hope we all know kindness. Love. Love one another. No matter all those things pointed out to divide us, just start with love and kindness.

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