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MacBeth was, in my humble opinion, some of the most amazing theater I have seen in a long time.  It was fun, full of energy, tragic too-don’t get me wrong with the fun comment, but there were some funny moments amongst all the death.  And so many aspects of theater were brought to the stage for the audience to experience making it quite easy to suspend disbelief for two hours.

First, I braved a tunnel for the first time in, like, 20 years for Kenneth Branagh.  Second, my bladder survived the over two hours with no intermission.  Bravo on both counts for me.

Tonight we will touch upon the concept of spectacle from Aristotle’s Poetics found in this smashing production of MacBeth.  And yes, I am biased because of Kenneth Branagh.  Spectacle–there was freakin’ rain in the theater.  Hello, rain. And mud.  And fire.  Obviously there was air too, so we’ve covered four elements.  The fifth element in my world was Leeloo Dallas, no, it was Kenneth Freakin’ Branagh.  The witches climbed up and down the henge, they floated, they cackled.  It looked like they used the same crap in their hair that I had to use in Oedipus.  What was that gross, nasty stuff called?  I can’t remember but it made your hair look dried out and greasy all at the same time.  You had to wash it three or four times to get it out of your hair–and I had short hair at the time!

The entire drill hall of the Armory was used.  You walk down a stone path surrounded by the Scottish countryside toward a henge.  Then, in the show, the army approaches through it, lanterns come floating forward, it gives the constant reminder of the vastness of the story and its place in the world.

The rain and the mud and the battles-the music of all the noises added to the spectacle of the entire production.The costumes had mud along the hems, their bare feet had to feel all squishy.  The bodies slammed into the walls of the audience, the swords clanging, the robed chanting people walking through the audience.  Hubby and I of course started hitting our heads on the significant beats during the chant…too many times watching Monty Python.

And mustn’t forget the language.  I loved hearing some of classic lines from this play that have worked their way into everyday use.  But mostly, to hear Kenneth Freakin’ Branagh talking, speaking and at times reminding myself I was sitting in the very space he was speaking in blew my mind.  And when love speaks the voice of all the gods make heaven drowsy with the harmony.  Can one voice harmonize with itself?  Sure sounded like it.

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June 8, 2014.  I will breathe the same oxygen as Kenneth Branagh.  Okay, technically, not the same, and every day we are breathing the same “air” but on June 8, 2014, it’ll be the shared air in the Armory.

Kenneth as MacBethJune 8, 2014.

Twelve years of marriage.  Fourteen years shared together.  Over ten years of parenting joy.  Two amazing sons.  A fantastic Adopted #3 Son.  Two dogs,  nine cats, two bearded dragons, countless fish, thousands of crickets (always temporary at best), multiple mealworm colonies, two rocket sleds, four POSs, a trip to India, honeymoon in Maine, many trips to Massachusetts, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, and all around New Jersey.  Millions of laughs, a bunch of tears, fair share of bouts of sickness or the “sicks”, plenty of morning sickness!  A bunch of theater productions, many sets built and taken down, many 50/50s sold.  Around 36 family board meetings, reunions up and down the east coast.  Many pink pigs, hundreds of Three Stooges, dozens of flights to the Moon and bushes of pink roses.  How do you sum up a marriage?  You can’t.  You can make a laundry list, like this, but it doesn’t capture the heart, the soul, the body, and the mind of a marriage.

Hubby, I love you wamhasabam aiaw faeaad.  Happy anniversary!

P.S. Yes, others have pointed out Hubby’s resemblance to Kenneth Branagh.


bridal party



ring bearer


Old fashioned watch your step  


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After receiving two notices about an audition, I thought hmmm, maybe. I looked at my calendar and checked for conflicts. Show dates-clear. Rehearsals-a few conflicts, but seemed manageable.  Would karate start during the run? Maybe, but it would only be a week overlap. This may all seem presumptuous as I have not been cast…but it’s not. I don’t want to waste a director’s time so before even auditioning I want to make sure I can do it.  It all seemed good. Then I looked at the audition dates. I have conflicts with both options. Oops. Oh, well…maybe next time.

P.S. Four days till MacBeth.







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This is one comment from the latest round of spam comments.  I won’t say there isn’t a typo somewhere in my blog over the past three years, but really…”test the spelling” and “I in finding it very bothersome to tell the reality” “again again”.  Hee hee…it makes me giggle.

I truly realize the importance of proofreading,  That’s part of my day job.  But I did enjoy the cheesy comment.

Six more days till MacBeth…in case you’re counting.

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