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While Older Son has about another decade before he has the PhD, I am a paleontologist’s mom.

A sample of his patience with my ignorance.

Lifelong learners. 🙂

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Older Son had a safe flight out to Montana yesterday. He is out there with GeoDESLA2019. Super proud of this kid. He’s in his element and I know he’ll learn a lot. Follow the adventure at www.geodesla2019.wordpress.com.

And so it has begun. He flew by himself. He worked his first job this summer. It was at a sleep-away camp so we only saw him on his day off. He’s jumping leaps and bounds in the gaining independence category this summer. Two years…and he’ll be at college.

And so it has begun. Some of his days off were spent with friends, and I barely saw him. He’s learned quite quickly different spending habits when it’s money he worked for. He independently handled the airport, a flight with strangers that at the end of the Montana trip will be friends.

This is all joyful and what parents hope will happen for their children…but, dagnabbit, it flies by.

And so it has begun…Younger Son has started a transformation as well with the change in summer norms. He’s been doing projects around the house, enjoying full control of the PS4, went to both sailing camps, and is in full swing with marching band.

And so it continues. They are both still my babies, always will be my Squid & Jellyfish. Always those two sweet mischievous boys. They know their sappy, emotional mom and so they give hugs when she asks, pose sweetly for pics (and sometimes goofy). They are putting it all together and making connections about this thing called life so beautifully.

And so it has begun that in the not too distant future I will be obsolete from the day to day little things and shift to the bigger picture conversations and questions. And I will embrace that as I have every other moment of their lives. And hold them in my heart always.

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Super proud of Older Son. He submitted a stop-motion animation short to a student film festival and tonight he walked the red carpet. Four films from his high school were accepted, and two won, though not his. Hubby, Younger Son, and I were there to cheer him on.

After a small celebration (we have the meats), we went home. After Younger Son and I played a few rounds of Connect 4, with me demonstrating how to lose gracefully, we had a good talk about how gracefully Older Son handles not winning or placing at his competitions, like the festival or the talent show. These are important lessons to learn now before they face harder challenges. And they both win and lose with grace and humility.

There were some great short films. Some of them really had a strong way of connecting to people. A lot of interesting ideas and perspectives, a bit like looking into the teenage brain to see how it processes the world.

Congratulations to all the student film-makers!

A couple of pics and a link to the short.

Artists Alike Studios Film Festival

Proud mama moment

Spino 59 Venom

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