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While Older Son has about another decade before he has the PhD, I am a paleontologist’s mom.

A sample of his patience with my ignorance.

Lifelong learners. 🙂

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Oldest son is so excited for Take Your Child to Work Day.  He gets to attend “class” throughout the day, eat at the dining hall, and hang out on campus.  The best class will be the last one-how to dig up a dinosaur.  From what I understand, the class will be taught by one of the faculty who is a paleontologist.  This makes oldest son absolutely ecstatic.  He packed his dino backpack with supplies.  He wanted to bring about five books, but I chose his own personal Dino Field Guide and one of his favorite dinosaur reference books.  I will have to explain to him in the morning that the backpack would get heavy, fast.  And I’m not carrying it!  He has his official paleontologist outfit ready in his closet.  How cute is he?

Youngest son is also joining in on the day, but because my workplace has an age requirement, he’s going to work with Daddy.  Less exciting because Daddy works at home.  Two more years, kiddo, and you’ll be old enough.

I just hope my work does the “classes” thing again.

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My eight year old has been a paleontologist since he was about four.  Even more impressive is that he could spell paleontologist since that time as well.  He knows dinosaurs like the back of his hand.  The bedroom is painted with dinosaurs.  So far Mommy-artist has finished the t-rex, volcano, and velociraptor.  The Brachiosaurus has been sketched onto the wall but not painted.  That is a great project for this weekend, just a little note to self.  The other bedroom, which is more of a playroom, has the shark from Jaws and other sea creatures painted on the walls.  Neither room is ever very tidy.

But yesterday when I came home from work the boys proudly showed me they had made their bed and kept the dino room clean all day.  How?  Why?  They got new bedding as an early Christmas gift.  Dinosaur bedding.

Honestly, I think I was more excited than them at first.  I have looked for dinosaur bedding for several years and had only found “baby” or “toddler” stuff, nothing that was “grown up” enough.  This bedding has great dinosaurs, dinosaur tracks on the sheets, and neat stripes on the other side of the reversible comforter.  It looks great with the existing colors of the bedroom, including the curtains (What, the curtains?).   They feel very grown up with their new bedding and triceratops LED night-light.  Who knew it would help motivate them to keep their room tidy?

They also have been enjoying a dvd about dinosaurs that they keep watching over and over again.  But I don’t mind.  It’s narrated by Kenneth Branagh.

My little dinosaur hunters are becoming quite the big boys.

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