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We are in the 27-days when the boys are only one year (and 11 months) apart in age. So I have a 14- & a 13- year-old in the house. Yes, that much teenage boy in my house.

Messy bedrooms, weird hours, food bill through the roof. And I am the dumbest person on Earth-I know NOTHING according to my sweet boys.

It doesn’t help that they are both 5 or 6 inches taller than me.

And I confess-Hubby buys me secret food and I hide it in my bedroom to make sure I get to have it. Otherwise I won’t get any. To borrow from Ross, I grew up with Monica. If you didn’t eat fast, you didn’t eat.

I love my sons. They make me crazy, laugh, tired, and thankful.


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Home safe & sound with my Three Stooges. I think the boys were most excited about the Flex Tape, but they also liked their shirts. Older son was able to read the French on his shirt.

And they had the whole house clean. Even the boys’ rooms! A lovely surprise.

And now for our 4th of July tradition. Visiting Amity. Not our Independence Day tradition (fighting aliens). But on July 4th we visit Amity.

Amity, as you know, means friendship.

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Tonight I sat and watched as some of the younger boys in older son’s karate class finished their belt tests. A very nice lady asked me which of the boys was my grandson. Seriously? I mean really, seriously? Grandson? Do I look that freaking old? Okay, technically I could be a grandmother at this age if the timing in my life have been different. But grandson? Seriously?!?

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The other day I picked up younger son from baseball practice. I had ordered a new pair of socks for him and I wanted him to try to guess what might be on them. I told him they were like his Illuminati socks. He was quite excited and I said that I hoped the suspense would last. In fact I said the suspense is terrible I hope it will last. And he said it wasn’t suspense because there wasn’t fear it was more of excitement or anticipation. So I said “I see you shiver with antici…….pation.”

He did not get the reference. So he asked what the quote was from and I told him it was a Tim Curry character named Dr. Frankenfurter.

He asked, “is that anything like Dr. Frankenstein?”And I said well yes, in a way.

He then said, “but I guess he really likes hot dogs.”

If you can’t find the humor in that you need to watch Rocky Horror Picture Show. Younger son knows he still has to wait to watch that Tim Curry movie.

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