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Home safe & sound with my Three Stooges. I think the boys were most excited about the Flex Tape, but they also liked their shirts. Older son was able to read the French on his shirt.

And they had the whole house clean. Even the boys’ rooms! A lovely surprise.

And now for our 4th of July tradition. Visiting Amity. Not our Independence Day tradition (fighting aliens). But on July 4th we visit Amity.

Amity, as you know, means friendship.


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“I’m Richard Dreyfuss. I don’t need this! I was in Jaws!” We love him. Jaws is one of, if not, younger son’s favorite movies. I love too many of his movies to list. But I will comment on how much I love Jaws The Goodbye Girl, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, Mr. Holland’s Opus, and I love him in Postcards From The Edge. And The American President. And Moon Over Parador. Of course, Down and Out in Beverly Hills. See? Love so many. Once Around. And What About Bob?

Although…that movie did/does contribute to the misconceptions of Tourette’s Syndrome…so one point deducted.

Obviously we also love him in Close Encounters of the Third Kind and he was kind enough to sign my lunch box what’s with the quote, “This means something”. He said that was one of the most important lines in the movie and, while he may have been blowing smoke up my ass, I think he probably was being truthful. He says the line twice in the movie and then another person says it a third time.

Mr. Dreyfuss was quite kind talking with my sons for several minutes about their names about presidents and treasurers. He really likes Civics and the history of our country and I think that’s pretty cool. He had a good appreciation for my sons’ names although they aren’t named after presidents or treasurers.

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