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When Monk ended I was very happy with the finale. I knew they were still doing what they were doing. When the Chief in Psych moved up to San Fran, I said to my sons, “She replaced Stottlemeyer.” Tonight I was so happy when Juliet said, “He’s alphabetizing the pantry”. To throw an official nod to Monk was fantastic. I started watching Psych eight years ago because of Monk, so without Monk, I never would have found the show.

I loved the entire finale. Spoiler alert…I will ruin stuff at this point if you haven’t watched it. Things I love about Psych (in no particular order and not just about the finale):
The 80s references (this is a vast category and covers so much-movie, music, television, cultural references, etc.)
Cary Elwes
Val Kilmer
The ENTIRE cast, including Cut-Throat Bitch (her character on House) in the pilot
The reference to Monk
Lassie breaking the dvd so he “never learned” the truth about Shawn
Corbin Bernsen’s line-“He finally called me.”

But what I loved most and will still love in syndication and on demand is that I watched this with my sons. My sons are Psychos.

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The boys have finally begun to like Psych.  This is a big deal for me.  It’s truly the first time they have been interested in one of my shows, though younger son always had a sweet spot for Monk.  We watched the 100th episode on demand.  “100 Clues” is a loving tribute to the amazing movie Clue.  The boys love that movie so it offered a natural bridge into the world of Psych.  I’m very excited about this development…with one small exception.

In “100 Clues”, Shawn and Gus sing a little song to the tune of “We Just Got a Letter”…remember that song from Blue’s Clues?  Yeah, so the boys really know the melody.  Only the words Shawn and Gus sang were…

“It’s a secret party, 

It’s a secret party, 

It’s a secret party,

Let’s go see some boobs.”

The boys have combined the two songs as follows…

“We just got a letter, we just got a letter, we just got a letter, wonder who it’s from?

It’s a letter inviting us to a party!

It’s a secret party, it’s a secret party, it’s a secret party, let’s go see some boobs.”

And repeat. 

Truly, the episode beautifully pays tribute to Clue, as well as offering tips of the hat to Murder by Death and (obviously) Blue’s Clues.  Must thank James Roday and Dulé Hill.  My boys will never be the same.  I’ll never watch Steve or Joe get a letter with a straight face again.

blues clues

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I am hooked on two shows that have lovely literary connections.  The Following and Grimm.  The other show I’m addicted to offers me hits for my addiction to the 1980s-Psych.

I’ve been reading up on the Brothers Grimm in anticipation of my class this fall.  I am retiring Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption for a while (sorry, Uncle Stevie) and changing to Nursery and Household Tales by the Grimms.  I am having a blast exploring how much the stories have influenced the world, sometimes in not good ways.  I mean, really not good ways.  I plan on using some of the “classics” that most of the students should remember, but also will select a good number of the lesser known ones that the boys and I have been discovering over the past year.  Two other books offering critical analysis will round out the work.  As I keep learning more, I keep coming up with new questions and discovering how much I have missed in the television series Grimm by not knowing this stuff beforehand.  I love learning!

The Following is truly gory but Kevin Bacon evens that out for me.  And Psych, well, Psych is comedic brilliance.  I cannot wait for this week’s episode.  It’s based on Clue.  Enough said.

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I want to write this evening, yet I don’t know what to write about.  I’ve made lots of errors on social media today so I may have unintentionally given myself writer’s block.  My mind has been swirling the past two weeks or so.  First, I cannot believe we are already in March.  Where is time going?  I seem to miss it every day.

This evening I enjoyed time and threw the concept of bedtime out the window.  The boys and I spent some good, fun time together.  Older son and I read some of the Barnum Brown biography for his school project.  Younger son and I reviewed for his spelling test and discussed the book he is writing.  Younger son is holding a St. Patrick’s Day craft stand in the waiting room this week and he shared how sales are going.  Both boys practiced their baseball skills again this afternoon.  They are so pumped for Little League this year.  Don’t know what changed, but I’m loving it.

I have this incredible urge to watch Angels & Demons.  Ridiculous particularly since I’m not Catholic.

Not sleeping well lately.  Explains a lot.  Like the many errors I’ve made today in my humble writings.

Maybe I’ll watch Taken.  Always a fine choice.  Or Music and Lyrics.  Quite possibly the best fake music videos ever made.  Totally brings me back to the ’80s.

Did anyone else take a long time to realize that Grant Heslov was one of the producers of Argo?  Props to him.  I love him in True Lies and Congo.  I’m a happy couch potato watching Grimm, Psych, and  The Following.  But when the heck is Episodes coming back?

Had fun during a meeting today at work comparing punctuation to spices.

Okay, I’m going to end this most random post and smartly choose to go to sleep.  I’m going to be a wild woman and not even proofread the post.  Sorry for any errors.

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